Sarah. On Avenue of Champs Elysees, Paris.


Sarah. French. 20 years old. Student. Attempted suicide at the age of 14.

– I used to go clubbing very often. I consider nightlife as “a little death”, where I get drunk and forget everything. I thought that being photographed at night in one of the busiest and fanciest streets of Paris would be a good way to express this.

– Now my life is not a hard one. I should be happy. But sometimes I fail to do it because my past is still haunting me. Nevertheless, I feel proud for all what I’ve gone through, and for having become stronger, and less sensitive than before. I’ve thought about trying to die again… But I say to myself: You are strong, look at your past, go ahead alive, and never give up.

– I enjoy my life, no matter what has happened to me or will happen in the future. I think I didn’t really want to die. I just wanted to make my parents and the people around me react, to make them take care of me, so that I could feel better. Actually, it didn’t work the way I expected, not at all! Even the contrary! I truly understand what it is like to feel so down that you want to give up on everything and choose suicide to avoid facing your problems. Now I see that I can be as strong as I am sensitive. There is always a way out. Life is a challenge: always do better, always become stronger, always deal with your problems and protect yourself.